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It's every once in a while. It's updates on upcoming projects and my (Tim's) progress building a music career. It's super casual. It's for the super-fans. You're here, so that means it's for you!



A group for collaborative projects.

Led by Tim Johnson, Music by Gestalt is a group of musicians creating a continually expanding palette of sounds. An upcoming second album "Debussy's Fawn" with piano, bass, drums, violin, and our audio engineer as his own instrument is about to release. A first album “Schubert’s Pony” as piano trio. Music by Gestalt continues to grow so that it fits into the mold of a project's intended outcome. 

Whether it be the past few short films, our upcoming first feature film “Now and Again,” a few dance pieces, installations, and even an interactive lighting project called SPECTRUM; Music by Gestalt focuses on collaborative projects, and is rapidly becoming a niche-identity for collaborative projects in the LA music scene.