Tim Johnson - Pianist, Composer, Producer, and Teacher!

Regarding Lessons (online). 

Hey there! Tim here, the pianist/bandleader for MbG. I teach private lessons online. Here's all the need-to-knows:

In my teaching lessons, my goal is to facilitate a healthy, lifelong relationship with the language of music, so that they might find the genre/style with which they can be creative in! Be it jazz, classical, or a quirky new-music composition.

1. For children's private lessons, I usually work out of the Alfred piano series.  

2. Lessons are scheduled at the beginning of each month. This means no flat-rate per month (music schools charge this way), so you can take that big 2-week vacation and not worry about paying for lessons for those weeks off. As long as we communicate, everyone feels good! 

3. Online Lessons are $60/hr, $40/half-hour. In person lessons are suspended due to COVID-19. Trial lessons are half-price. 

I encourage my students to pursue whatever route of musical expression interests them most. Do they like classical music? Do they want to improvise and jam jazz with friends someday? Do they want to write their own songs? Do they like drawing pictures and artwork and then interpreting those drawings musically in a loud and rambunctious way?? Awesome! I have the experience –– ––_—(a Master’s degree from CalArts, the 2018 HEAR NOW composition award, and a few other things) –– to help guide them down all of these paths. But don't take my word for it, go to the homepage (click home in the menu above) and see for yourself. 


Music is supposed to be fun!

So, a bit about me. For MbG, I write the music, run/organize the rehearsals, edit all of our videos, produce/publicize our shows/events, run our social media, keep track of album sales/shipping, and I handle everything else that comes with being a bandleader. But there are other sides to my music and life as well.

Deep down, I love to teach. I've taught music theory and aural skills at California Institute of the Arts, been a guest artist/lecturer at schools such as Cal State Fullerton, and have had private students for a long while. I've also been a climbing coach for kids teams both in Hollywood and Salt Lake City,, and I spent two seasons as a ski instructor for ages 6-16 at Deer Valley Resort. Regardless of subject, I take a lot of pride in teaching everyone to try hard, set realistic and attainable goals, and learn to deal with failure when a problem might be a bit too difficult for today. 

I also have a hobby of making youtube videos! They mostly talk about my music and how it's written, which –– I like to think –– can be a fun watch. You can see that here.

contact: tim@musicbygestalt.com

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